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am i a good man?

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"The trick is…don’t fall in love. I do that trick quite a lot. Sometimes twice a day.”

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Is this actually what you do? Do you just…crook your finger and people just jump in your snog box and fly away?
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i  w a s  b o r n  t o  s a v e  t h e  d o c t o r

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11th Doctor and Clara Oswald + Height Difference
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Comrades, you know our situation. The reactor is drowned. We are totally reliant on battery power and our air is running out. Rescue is unlikely. But we still have a mission to fulfill. If The Doctor is right, then we are all that stands between this creature and the destruction of the world. Control of one missile is all he needs. We are expendable, comrades. Our world is not. I know I can rely on every one of you to do his duty without fail. That is all.

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